Consolidation & Groupage

Consolidation is the practice of combining diverse cargo's into single shipment,to achieve substantial savings on freight cost. SAISANGSUN offers groupage services through its specialised division, which provides clients with an optimum level of service with accurate speedy documentation and a commitment to ensure that the best price is offered to our clients, from large-scale commercial freight or individuals with a single requirement. For smaller cargo loads SAISANGSUN offers consolidation & Groupage services.

Weliaise with shipping lines, port agents, local carriers an others involved for shipments. We have expertise for cargo groupage and trans-shipments. We pack your cargo separately and group several such packages together in accordance to their destination after ensuring compatibility with other cargo.

The cargo is then trans-shipped to its final destination. Being one of the leading international freight forwarders,and with a global distribution network, SAISANGSUN offers regular dedicated consolidation, providing consolidation & Groupage services with the highest levels of speed, efficiency and reliability.

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